Of the everyday and play in improper education

  • Khoiril Maqin


This article explores the role of the everyday and play in alternative school practices. I propose the
concept of a democratic 'common school' as one based on mundane daily experiences and different
ways of knowing. The everyday and play are usually seen as complementary tools in pedagogical
practices, rather than active cultural agents in cultivating the subjectivities of school participants. I
propose exploring the everyday and play in alternative education practices as a contribution to the
discourse of alternative pedagogies. This article is based on my observations and reflections from
participating in the School of Improper Education (SoIE) initiated by KUNCI Study Forum & Collective.
The article proposes that the everyday and play are not only tools in SoIE's day-to-day operations, but
also ways of learning that enable participants to question knowledge hierarchies and to develop self-
determined and emancipatory ways of knowing.

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Maqin K. (2023). Of the everyday and play in improper education. Journal of Public Pedagogies, (7). https://doi.org/10.15209/jpp.1292