This is Not a One Way Street

Geoff Goodfellow

It’s the second week of spring
& the sun’s warmth has brought out
the suburb’s fashionardos

i’m about to walk into a one-way
street in Semaphore
     eyes down to avoid the mid-day
glare       when my attention is grabbed
by a pair of bright pink sneakers
     & a pair of wholesome hairy legs

as i lift my gaze i take in a black leather
skirt       & up above its waistband
    a protruding hairy belly . . .
the makeshift midriff top is horizontal
stripes in black & white
     topped off with a green & black
check lumber jacket
     (perhaps another Power fan)

the receding hair is auburn & catches
the sunlight
     green eyes     strong & direct
hold me as a cigarette is dragged on

can i take a photo     i ask
sure he says             & turns side on
Anthony’s my name
     there is a click       no flash—
& without another word
     he turns on his heels—
& struts off down Military Road.

Portrait of a men with a cigarette standing at a street corner.

Geoff Goodfellow

Anthony of Semaphore Portrait